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Flexible and reliable storage solutions in Fife

Do you need a place to store your valuables while you're away from home? Contact Diamond Self Storage. We provide reliable storage solutions in Fife.


At Diamond Self Storage, you can store anything that fits. We only exclude the following:
  • Toxic or hazardous products
  • Perishable goods
  • Live animals
  • Flammables such as fuel or gas cylinders
  • Illegal goods

How do I get my stuff to you?

You can bring the things you want to store at Diamond Self Storage, in your own vehicle. You can offload it directly into your own storage container.
storage containers

What size containers do you have?

All our storage containers are 20ft x 8ft = 1,280 cubic feet (37.29 cubic meters) in volume.

Should I insure my belongings while they are in store?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to insure your belongings or not. You can check with your household insurer. Many insurers are happy to continue cover on household items while in Diamond Self Storage. 
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Diamond Self Storage provides professional storage solutions in Fife. For details, call us on 07710 450 692

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